Found Generation

Generation X: all grown up & just getting started

We got the name “Generation X” in a novel by Douglas Coupland in 1991, and we’re already being called the second Lost Generation.  Though raised to believe it was our duty to fulfill it, we are the first generation in American history with little hope of achieving the American Dream.  In addition, a famous study labeled us as the generational group that is dying off early; we are, largely unnoticed, suffering “Deaths of Despair.”  In addition, though the alarming rate of suicides amongst adolescents and young adults catches public attention, the largest number of American suicides are in their parents’ age range–that’s us.

In many ways, we are still a bunch of quiet loners. Perhaps that should change.  Generation X may be a small group.  We may be struggling with midlife disappointment. But we don’t have to be so silent on our issues, and we certainly are not alone.